Virtual Reality Equipment

Virtual Reality

What Is Virtual Reality (VR)?

Virtual reality is a computer-generated, three-dimensional simulation of an environment that can be explored and interacted with in a seemingly real way by a person using a VR headset.

When and Where Can I Use VR Equipment?

Virtual reality equipment made by Oculus VR will be available for use at all DeSoto Parish Library locations during special programs and other events.

Who Can Use The VR Headset?

Patrons must be age 13 or older to use the VR headset.

The Virtual Reality Waiver Agreement must be signed before the Library’s VR equipment can be used. All patrons age 18 or older must sign the Waiver of Liability Agreement. A patron under the age of 18 must have this Virtual Reality Waiver Agreement signed at the Library by his/her parent or legal guardian.

Before using the VR headset, a patron must receive instruction from the Library staff.

Library staff members, at their discretion, may deny any patron the use of the VR headset.

What Else Do I Need To Know About Using VR Equipment?

Use of the VR headset is associated with risks, some of which may not be known yet. Reactions to a VR experience are unpredictable and may include dizziness, nausea, disorientation, eyestrain, seizures, bumping into objects, or falling. The VR headset may also transmit contagious conditions.

Patrons must stop using the VR headset immediately if they experience any discomfort whatsoever. Patrons must also take frequent breaks from use of the VR headset.

Patrons using the VR headset must obey all requests made by Library staff members, including requests to sit down or to stop using the headset.

Read more about the Policies and Procedures click here.


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