Exam Proctoring

The DeSoto Parish Library offers exam proctoring as a courtesy service to all library patrons. 

Exam proctoring is free, but patrons must pay for postage if such is required for the return of the exam to the institution. If an exam needs to be faxed back to the institution, the library reserves the right to limit the number of pages that can be faxed. 

Proctoring is done on an appointment basis, during normal operating hours and by mutual arrangement between the library proctor and the patron. 

The patron is responsible for contacting the proctor to:

  1. set a time to take the examination;
  2. fill out the necessary paperwork required by the institution;
  3. find out if the exam has been received.

Staff schedules are not altered to accommodate proctored exams, nor do staff proctor exams "on demand." Proctoring is based on the individual staff person's availability.

It is the patron’s responsibility to bring supplies needed for the exam (e.g., pencils, pens, calculators).

Please contact the branch manager at your preferred location for more information.

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